State of the Union

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This is my 3rd website.

The first was a really cheesy student website made entirely of flash (all the rage at the time). I think it was 750px wide at the time … pushing the limits of most screens. It was called “Sunday Best Creative” and featured a mix of my early agency work and my student work. It was clunky at best.

My second website was launched some months before I quit my agency job and moved into the independent consultant (freelance) world of design in 2008. It worked well for many years but I rarely updated it. It was a combination of the barefoot shoe-cobbler’s children thing and the fact that It also utilized some flash. With the advent of the iPad and all the other web everywhere devices, it just didn’t make sense to keep using it. I felt the work was displayed very small and it was difficult to browse. A change was needed.

So this is number three. The ‘plan’ for this site started sometime in 2009. I’m pretty sure I was resolved to launch this site before 2010. And as things go, I was swamped with work and kept putting it off. Finally about 6 months ago, I made a day to really kick this effort off. I went with a WordPress theme (ThemeTrust’s Hero Theme) for the backend flexibility. And had Trey C. (a developer friend) tweak it to my liking.

With the launch of this site, I hope each client is pleased with the way their work is represented here. Most of the work on this site was done in collaboration with many other kind and talented people. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the people I’ve worked with along the way.

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