John Harvey Murrell

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 | No Comments

This is my Great Great Grandfather, John Harvey Murrell.

This image is very common for its era. It’s a posed image of a relatively typical scene. It shows nothing outwardly significant at all. The occasion of the image may be long forgotten and that mystery is something I like very much. I do not know where this image was taken, how old he was at the time, who the 3 people in the background are, where grandfather Murrell is going or returning from. If he’s being serious or joking. I just know that he is my Great Great Grandfather … my mother’s, mother’s, mother’s father. I do not know what he did for a living or if that is his bike or not. Why is he dressed so formally compared to the others or why his right foot is on the left pedal (I’m a cyclist, I notice these things). Nevertheless, I like it all the same and thought I would share it here.


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